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8 out of 10 city dwellers are suffering from some kind of back or neck pain.

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Back Rehabilitation

The recent pandemic has completely overthrown our old ways and pushed our world into great uncertainties. There is a sudden upsurge in work-load across the world.

We know those long sitting hours, the uncertainty and financial distress are taking a serious toll on your back and mind. Remaining physically healthy and emotionally balanced is critical in such a situation.

Let us help you with our delicately crafted Back Rehabilitation program.

Easy and controlled full body movements, basic breath-work and light meditation gently weaved into a simple routine for you, at your workstation.

Restoring the lost strength & flexibility of your back and preventing future relapses.

To create awareness towards your spinal health

Relaxed and calm mind for improved focus

Better awareness of postures and passive pains

Strong back and neck with stronger reflexes

Continuous long sitting hours, poor posture and compromised nutrition damage our back, neck and mental health. Prolonged and/or recurring back pain, stress are detrimental in the long run. Besides, stress is the single biggest cause for most of those aches and health issues.

Back rehabilitation is thus designed to suit the hectic lifestyle of a modern professional. Simple stretches, bends and resistance exercises mixed with quick & easy breath-work and meditation to relax your mind, which can be done anywhere, anytime.

Our aim is to empower you with a simple way to become fit and calm on your own.

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Shikha has immense knowledge of yoga and has helped me heal my back injury (slip disc), helped me reduce the stiffness and get my flexibility back, while taking care that the back is getting strengthened. This was done in a very planned manner, she would very specifically include different asanas to benefit the entire body and also include meditation to help connect mind with body. In a time frame of one year, I was more confident n felt an immense change in my body , back n mind . Keep doing the good work !
Anjali Singh Batra​
It is amazing feeling daily as I do yoga with you. You have a knack of dealing and understanding every student, S need, making it more enjoyable. Daily look forward to attending your class. I strongly recommend others to come and feel the real yoga. Best wishes
Sandhya Ahluwalia
HR Advisor and Corporate Trainer - Hero Motors
Best place and instructor to learn yoga one can go for it without thinking twice... gud luck
Huma Chauhan
Shikha is just awesome, Sthir yoga is certainly a different experience you just leave the world and talk to your own self. Simply great.
Gaurav Gemini
Business Director at Carat Media
Shikha has been an excellent trainer for first timers like me .. Though I have not been very regular with attending my classes at Ishaan due to my official and personal commitments, but I miss every bit of the one hour exercise+meditation we did together there ! Will be back soon You are doing a great job Ishaan !! Thanks Shikha!
Vandana Sethi
LLoyd Group of Institutions

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Online Consultation

We share exclusive wellness tips and personalised Yoga routines through online portals, to help you remain healthy & happy everyday. While respecting your personal space, we extend a non-judgemental and safe space for easy emotional let-out.

Yoga Workshops

During these complex times, we have ceased all our Yoga retreats and workshops. However, we are building even smarter and powerful workshops to help you bounce back - stronger and fitter, as soon as public gatherings are safe.


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