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About Sthir​

Sthir (loosely translates to tranquil or calm) is the ability to be at ease and in harmony in your body and mind, while you strive for a great life.

Sthir is not just another fitness solution – it is in fact an opportunity to take charge of your health and happiness, and not be constantly dependent on others for your own physical and mental well-being. It is an experience oriented concept to help you find solutions to your own personal journey amid everyday challenges.

Our purpose is to help you practice Yoga and mental wellness as a way of life and be the maker of your own destiny.

  • To let go off all the physical, mental and emotional pressure
  • To be effortlessly happy
  • To build patience and endurance
  • Build physical and mental strength and flexibility
  • Be conscious of your nourishment
  • Be more accepting of yourself
  • Build a physically fit and intellectually charged up life
  • Learn to handle everyday stress and anxieties with ease
  • Reduce unnecessary friction and tension in life
  • Build sustainable surroundings
  • Reconnect with your body’s natural intelligence
  • Have harmonious and loving relationships
  • Explore your full potential

Basic Yoga, emotional well-being and Conscious lifestyle changes can completely transform your life. Abundance of health, harmony and prosperity can be built through very basic wellness solutions – with genuine intention and consistency.

We want you to be gentle with yourself and your emotions, through simple self-care solutions.


Founder – Sthir Wellness

After dabbling with different courses and jobs, Shikha was able to find her true calling in Yoga 9 years ago. Her Yogic knowledge combined with interesting life experiences have helped her develop a deeper understanding of a human’s inner complexities. Her approach is simple, relatable and delicate.

She completed her Masters in Yoga & Preksha Meditation from Jain Vishwa Bharti University. She is also an internationally certified teacher from Yoga Alliance International and has taught over 500 students in the past 9 years.

Sthir, Shikha’s brain child, was born out of a pure intention of sharing ways that worked for her, with those who need them. She is dedicated to create a movement for inclusive wellness, joy and love through Sthir.

With a perspective of creating absolute exuberant life within and around her, she discourages fancy, mystical jargon. She intends to demystify Yoga & Wellness and make it more relevant for everyone through simple and conscious lifestyle routines.

Besides Yoga, Shikha is also a trained Jazz dancer, and believes in inclusive collaborations over mindless competition.

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Sthir is a collective and inclusive wellness initiative. We routinely collaborate with various artistes, nutritionists, mentors and rich experience holders to promote holistic and sustainable living.

You’ve a skill or story to share? Or an idea that we can build together? Call us up!