7 ways of enjoying Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

“Action without awareness is empty.
Action with awareness is Yoga”

Turn your daily strolls into Mindful-walks. The key is ‘to observe’ and ‘be aware’.

Walking meditation is a form of ‘meditation in action’ and is just as profound as sitting meditation, though relatively easier to focus as the body is in motion.

Our surrounding is tremendously rich and overwhelming to become aware of, as we walk. Our body loves walking and if we pay a little attention, the walk will reward us with immeasurable pleasure too!

Take out just 15-20 minutes and go out in the open for a walk or easy stroll to meditate.

Walking meditation is not a through-and-through guided meditation and only a few start-ups and go-ahead’s are mentioned here for you to unravel this beautiful experience on your own.

1. Time & Place:

Preferably morning or early evening, avoid mixing any other chores with it; walk in an open park – away from traffic and pollution.

 2. Pause:

Take a small pause before starting; spend a little time while standing still. Take a few deep breaths, absorb your surroundings and try and feel the sensation on your skin and within yourself.

3. Begin: 

Start your walk at a relaxed, fairly slow and normal pace. Gradually pick up speed up to brisk walk if you wish to. Keep your focus on the sensations of your body and the little details of your surroundings.

The purpose is to open your senses, close your judgement and simply observe.

If your mind gets caught up with any thought(s) then just slow down your pace. Walk slowly, putting each step gently with a lot of awareness and observation. Or just stop suddenly, gain your focus back and resume your walk only after you feel reconnected in that moment.

4. Focus:

Pay a lot of attention to the soles of your feet; they are your tools of operation. After some time start moving your attention up, to the other parts of your body; from the soles-heels-feet-ankles-calves-knees-thighs, etc., up till the top of your head.

5. Breathing:

It is very important to keep your breath natural, calm and aligned with the rhythm of your walk. This way you will be able to focus easily and stay connected to the moment.

6. Keep it dynamic:

While you’re totally immersed in the flow of your walk, try to keep using variations like suddenly stop to observe the nature around you, grasp it fully and start walking again. Also, you can fluctuate the pace of your walk, as walking at the same pace will give way to monotony and thought-load.

7. Soil Touch:

Sometime in the middle or at the end of your walk, you can try to take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass or a plain soil. We are nothing but a piece of this Earth, walking and experiencing soil on our soles keeps us balanced in more ways than one. Walking barefoot on the fresh morning dew-clad grass is also tremendously therapeutic!

You can also meditate somewhere for a few minutes. Just find what works best for you and go for that stroll with just you and nature around!

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