7 things only Yoga can give you

7 wonderful benefits of Yoga, besides great health!

I always say, “Yoga is not a system of preach but it is a system of practice”.

Because, as you practice, you’d be really surprised to see how everything in your life slowly gets sorted.

1. Balance

Yes. Yoga balances your weight, your emotions, mood and thought processes besides balancing all your bodily functions to an optimum level.

Your perception would get positively altered, and you’d perceive your own life and life at large, very differently.

Yoga balances you and your life in a mysterious way, which you’d realise within a month of regular practice.

2. Equality

Barring the new age Yoga jazz, the one thing only Yoga gives you is a sense of being equal and same-leveled as everyone else.

Competition is an ‘out-of-balance’ phenomenon, i.e. there has to be an imbalance to have winners or losers, and Yoga is the concept of equanimity.

Within a few months into Yoga and the urge to be better than your peers, neighbors, colleagues etc. would vanish and you’d only want to be better than you were yesterday.

3. Harmony

An absolutely eco-friendly form of workout – Yoga harmonises your actions with your surroundings.

Yoga makes you conscious of your actions, their outcomes and effects on your habitat.

Sense of preserving your nature is another gift of Yoga to its practitioners.

4. Slow down

Rushing, competing, anxiety to achieve more & more are signs of dissatisfaction, which are gateway of stress and lifestyle diseases – even deadly ones like heart stroke and cancer!

As you progress in your Yoga practice, you’d not even realise how all the urges to rush and achieve are slowly fading away. Even the anxiety to be ‘stress-free’ would vanish, as you’d get more “sthirta” in your life. The anxiety would mellow down and you’d get a more relaxed feel to your life. You’d still strive to achieve more sans the anxiety, rush or any kind of stress!

5. De-addiction

The stressful life has given rise to this evil phenomenon of ‘addiction’. Most people feel they’re drinking/smoking or indulging in any other substance just ‘for fun’, but either they’re under some kind of pressure or have some neglected under-lying stress or are simply weak-willed. Ultimately they’re victims of addiction.

If you follow the right kind of teacher or school of Yoga, then you’d never be asked to quit before joining.

Yoga slowly eliminates all the toxins from your body, makes your body self-aware of what is good/bad for it, which strengthens your will-power and you’d slowly lose taste or cravings for any of those things. All this without you even realising or even making a conscious effort, Voila!

6. Inclusiveness

Within a few months into regular Yoga practice, again subconsciously, you’d slowly become more compassionate towards your fellow beings. All the insecurities and jealousy will get replaced by a strange kind of effortless love & care.

You’d get conscious of your surroundings and environment, you’d be more loving towards everyone who’s part of your journey. You’d be more forgiving, accepting and loving.

Without a conscious effort to go against your fundamental nature, as your body and mind come in balance, you’d be surprised to see how much love & compassion you’re naturally capable of!

7. LoL!

Yes. Laughing, is not just an act of appreciating a joke or something funny, but it is a sign of a free spirited being!

“A day without laughter is a day wasted” or “Laughter is the best medicine” are not just mere sayings, but laughter has been scientifically proven to be a great way of staying healthy and happy.

Yoga lets you free of all inhibitions, keeps you stress-free and makes you really laugh from within, effortlessly!

“Laughing-till-your-stomach aches” is also a great way to exercise your core muscles!

So, till the time I find more reasons to push you to ‘spread your mat and stretch-breathe-go’, I think these will suffice for now 

And, remember to Breathe – Deep and Long!



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