10 ways to be immersed in this monsoon!

After the recently concluded 5th International Yoga day on 21st June 2019, it is equally important to keep the fire ignited and spread the Yoga awareness in all directions.

An important aspect of Yoga is adapting to the changes around. Specially when our bodies go through changes as and when there is a change in the season.

And the current season is Monsoon – a beautiful time of the year, when the rain pours down on a parched earth. You’d notice trees, plants and everything green have become refreshingly greener – it’s a visual treat!

There is a musky-rustic aroma in the air which soothes your senses like nothing else can!

In such a season, there are bound to happen some apparent and some underlying changes in your body, mind and emotions. Monsoon is a time when a lot of your latent pains and aches come on the surface, and we may experience a strange sense of lethargy and discomfort in our body.

Our ancestors sure were an enlightened lot to have understood this phenomenon and made rather scientific guidelines to prepare our body, mind and life to embrace the season change without a glitch.

No wonder during Saawan (Monsoon) a strict lifestyle was adhered to, in order to detoxify, purify and strengthen the entire body. Some of them are covered in following tips to ensure you enjoy a hitch-free monsoon

Some of the major problems during monsoon are:

Rheumatism, asthma, gastroenteritis, coughs, colds and fever, fungal infections, sensitive digestion and gloominess caused by the lack of Sunshine.

1. 30 Mins of Yoga

Yoga elevates your immunity with just 30 minutes of (daily) mindful practice, involving deep stretches to release any kind of spasm, cramps and aches. Your muscles remain supple, joints stay smooth and nervous system relaxed. Yoga keeps you calm and stress-free, which is fundamental to lead a joyful life!

2. Water

The first glass of water after you wake up, should be at room temperature. Avoid cold water as much as possible. 3 liters of water everyday ensures that you stay hydrated and healthy. Water is an integral component of detoxification too. So grab that glass right now!

3. Sattvik Aahar

Your digestion is in transition during this season, so try to put as little pressure on it as possible. Have easy-to-digest light food like fresh fruits and veggies.

Rains and pakode go hand-in-hand, but overindulgence is asking for trouble. Avoid eating out too often, as food gets spoiled far quicky during monsoon, the chances of food poisoning increases. Meat is one food item that takes the maximum to get digested, almost 2-3 days, limit it to just 1-2 meals a week.

4. Clothes

Let your skin also breathe better. Prefer wearing light and loose cotton clothes.

Given the extreme humidity in the air, your body tends to sweat little. Your skin feels damp all the time which blocks the pores. Cotton is the only material that is skin & eco friendly and absorbs the sweat from the skin leaving it dry and airy.
5. Sleep

Sleep is an extremely important factor for leading a healthy and joyful life.

Make sure you have a sound sleep of 7-8 hours. Try before 10pm at least a few days a week. Avoid sleeping 2 hours after sunrise, as your body desperately needs to rise as well. Have a healthy morning routine to keep yourself active, awake and happy throughout the day!

6. Cleansing

Bathe, preferably, with lukewarm water, especially after a workout or a long day out. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week and do not step out immediately, as washing hair makes your body temperature drop. Give your body a while to adjust to the normal temperature before hopping out!

7. Shatkarma (Six cleansing and detoxifying Yogic techniques)

As you alter your lifestyle to adapt to the changing environment, it is the most conducive time to flush all the toxins from your digestive and respiratory tract through scientifically proven Yogic cleansing techniques. These procedures cleanse your nasal passage, wind pipe, food pipe, stomach, intestines, colon and eyes, leaving you with a clean, relaxed and strong functional body!

8. Hygiene

Germs, bacteria and viruses are on the high during monsoon. It is VERY important to wash your hands before & after having meals, after coming home from outside, before sleeping. Wash your feet before stepping in bed, as they are home to a lot of germs. Change clothes everyday. Let your feet and hair breathe – keep them open for 3-4 hours everyday.

9. Massage

Oil massage during monsoon is excellent! Infuse better blood flow, relax the muscles and joints apart from having a rejuvenated mind. Use essential oils or any available oil and do a massage 3-4 times a week. The therapeutic effects of massage make you absolutely relaxed and refreshed!

10. Breathing & Meditation

Besides of a dedicated 30-45 minutes Yoga practice, try to follow simple breathing and relaxation tips to ensure that no matter what, you remain in a good frame of mind, stress-free and relaxed. Try to stay relaxed at your work, whenever you feel tensed and before going to bed. Stress keeps you busy in petty matters while the monsoon passes you by.

Yes. Monsoon makes your system vulnerable. But, with just a little bit of care and awareness, you can truly be immersed in the bliss that nature literally pours on you!

The whole nature is dancing with joy as it rains, and we must embrace this spell-bounding celebration of nature and let it wash away all our stress. Stand in the rain. You won’t melt away!

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